The X-files

Duane Barry (Part 1 of 2)
Episode: 2X05
First aired:10/14/94
Written by: Chris Carter
Directed by: Chris Carter

A very famous episode. Partially because of the famous red speedo scene.

Duane Barry, in 1985, is seen being abducted by aliens while screaming "Not Again!"
Present day, Barry is in a treatment facility insisting that they are coming for him again. He takes a doctor's gun and takes three other people hostage wanting to take them to the abduction site.

Mulder is called in to negotiate. Barry accidently shoots a hostage and Mulder is sent in with the paramedic. Mulder talks to him and gets Barry to let the wounded man go in exchange for Mulder.

Scully finds that Barry is a former FBI agent who was shot in the brain making him delusional and violent.

Barry continues to talk to Mulder about the abductions saying that the government is all to blame. Scully warns Mulder (through a secret microphone) that Barry is delusional. Eventually Barry is wounded and taking into custody.

Scully finds, in an examination, that Barry has a very strange piece of metal in his abdomen and sinus and his teeth have been drilled mysteriously. At the supermarket, Scully scans a piece of metal and the machine goes haywire. Later, Barry escapes from the hospital.

At home, Scully calls Mulder but reaches his machine. She tells him of the strange metal and that she believes it was used to catalogue him. Suddenly Barry crashes through the window and grabs Scully. Scully is heared yelling at the phone for help.
    To be continued. . .

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "You can let the others go, Duane. Let the others go and take me."
Barry -- "Oh... they heard you talking like that, they're going to have your ass."
Mulder -- "I don't care about that, Duane."

Scully -- "You okay, Mulder?"
Mulder -- "Yeah."
Scully -- "Whatever you're feeling... you did the right thing."
Mulder -- "It's just that, uh... I believed him."
Scully -- "Sometimes when you want to believe so badly, you end up... looking too hard."

Scully -- "I need your help! Mulder! Mulder!"

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