Drugs fix everything. If you have a child with too much energy put him on ritalin. If you feel anxious take Paxil. If you're too happy take Lithium. If you aren't happy enough take Zoloft.

These are the ideas we are bombarded with everyday. Parental and teacher laziness have lessened the implementation of discipline within in our youngsters. The constant, "me, me, me, I want, I want, I want" whinings coming from today's youth are most often answered with, "Fine, you can have it, just shut up!" Young children with so-called abnormal levels of energy are put on ritalin in place of being taught manners and propriety. These 'abnormally high levels of energy' are not in any way abnormal. Children have the same amount of energy they have always had but they lack outlets for it. When I was a kid we played out in the yard with all the other kids in the neighborhood. But so many children don't have that luxury, they must wait inside the house, even on the most beautiful of days, until their parent(s) come home from work. It's sad. Can you remember taking a long car trip with your parents when you were a child? Just three hours cooped up in the car was enough to make you crazy with the need to make mischief. Imagine taking a three hour long car trip with your parents everyday? It's very much the same thing. There's really no mystery in the cause of these children's outbursts.

And because parents come home after a long day of work they will do anything to apease their children. Here, have a cookie, and be quiet so mom can relax. Watch TV so dad can have some time to read the newspaper. Where is the time for the children? Where does a two income family find the time to spend with their children? Children who act out lack the outlet to release their energy, for school certainly is not the place to release it - sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight. And many children also crave the attention that they miss at home. Acting out, causing a scene rewards them with attention. Parents at home don't take the time, or they don't have the energy, to teach them the diffence between positive and negative attention, instead they subdue them with drugs. Because drugs will fix everything.

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