.. I shouted to the deranged pet store owner. "That's right.. no, no, don't LITERALLY drop the hamster.. put him down gently."

The pet store owner cackled loudly at me and rabidly stroked the little hamster's fur. The canary, still in the cage, flapped its wings in an attempt to draw attention to itself. As if to say "Get me the #$!%! out of here!!" I nodded to the canary and it made a break for the open door. "You touch that canary and you'll be dog kibble," I threatened, aiming my .45 at the owner's kneecap. This deranged man was trying to create an unholy crossbreed - the flying hamster. Probably another contract hire from the local circus, looking for more attractions to draw its crowds of twisted humans. The man cackled and stroked the hamster, which was so frightened at this point that it was shaking in the pet store owner's oversized palms.

I watched the owner carefully, a bead of sweat perched on the brim of my brow, ready to splatter into my eye at any moment. He saw the droplet too, and was prepared to make his move.

*splash* *bang* I winged him as he made his break for the door, after the canary. He took a dive and faceplanted on the linoleum floor. The hamster went flying and I threw my gun at the owner's head, making a leap for the hamster. I landed on my stomach and the little bugger squirmed out of my paws and scurried for the open door, hurrying after the canary.

This was a nodeshell. Now it isn't.

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