sleepy eyes


like a nose drip



he's sunny side down
             splayed out

in sheets
        now unshared


(in the dream) she would flip her hair,
turn her head away
(in the dream) that's just her way
of answering his call


but last night
    stormy weather
    city grime
private investigator blues

left with
    no quarter
    for the rescue fee

after finding
    what had
    good reason

           to be buried


forever          listening
to the signals           glowing
humming                 inevitabilities
sleepy, winedrunk,   bluelipped apologies
repeat                     in the dark bedroom


loud enough
he could hear them through
the only voice in the room
loving him through
the heavy rain
of neurons, synapses, photographic memory
the blanket of reality
piercing through liquid, through the underwater

the voice
who tells him clearly
gentle as euthanasia

that they weren't even meant to be together in his dreams



original date unknown,
probably between Autumn 2013 and Spring 2015,
edited since

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