"Dreamfield expertly combine the chilling down-tempo beats of trip-hop, with the seemingly fragile musicality of the more dreamier female fronted 4AD bands. pretty and haunting, the voices of the two female singers work well with the heavily textured soundscapes swelling underneath"-(listen.Com)

'Cabaret pop and the Chemical Brothers. a juxtaposition of the Bacharach-soaked, electronics and that somewhat sinister Bad Seeds sound' - a description of Dreamfield music by indie e-zine FAC193

Dreamfield were formed in London by songwriting partners Poppy Gonzalez ( Mojave 3 Sing-Sing & Si Sen Si)& Gregg McKella (Paradise 9, Jeanette Murphy) later to be joined by Amy Tucker (who honed her vocal harmony skills with Boston a capella band 'The Whims').

Listing 'Dreampop, Dub, Psychedelia & 'Cheesy Latin 60s music' as some of their influences, Dreamfield had a 'penchant for long brooding notes of an undefined nature' specializing in a trippy grooves and 'organic instrument mix' layered over strong songwriting.

They released two independent cds, Take Me With You and Christopher's Dream to critical acclaim before splitting as a live band in Sept 2003 (blaming the current music biz scene and the loss of singer Amy Tucker as the reason for the split) - Although (according to their website) there may be a 'swan song' release of previously finished un-released tracks later in the year.
Gig highlights include a cool televised Live performance at the Charlie Chaplin Museum of Modern Art -in Estonia, where the band played among the paintings and sculptures.

Dreamfield had built up quite a loyal fan base during their time, and quoting from comment on the bands ix page,
'it's a shame to see yet another imaginative and talented band ground down by this rotten low-rent media industry'.

Releases :

Take Me With You - CD Single (M4001CD) M4.
Christopher's Dream - CD Single (DR002CD) Dream.

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