It is night and there is a moon and stars and clouds and I am flying. I am in a superman costume and flying easily, but I am myself and female. I like the cape. I fly over the land, enjoying the beauty. I fly over cliffs and water and towards a bridge. It is lit at night and beautiful.

The people on the bridge are calling for help. I fly down. They are upset and worried: there are people in the water under the bridge. "We are frightened of them. Why are they in the water? What are they doing? Make them go away. Why don't they have cars like normal people? Are they going to blow up the bridge?"

I fly down to the water, dark under the bridge. There ARE people in the water, lots of them. I join them, floating. The water is warm. The bridge and the sky and the moon and the night are beautiful.

"The people on the bridge are frightened of you. They want to know what you are doing."

I already know what they are doing. Nothing. Everything. Floating.

"Welcome," say the people in the water, "We have told them: we like the water. We won't hurt the bridge. We don't like cars. We like to float and dive and swim and watch the night. The night is beautiful, and we are more comfortable in the night than the day. The sun is hot and bright. They don't listen. They don't believe us."

I tell the people on the bridge but they don't believe me. They are afraid of the water, of the dark, of the night, of the moon. They don't listen. I am sorry for them, but maybe someday they will go in the water. They will have to overcome their fear and their avoidance. They are panicky and scared and angry and they yell at me, "You have to make the people in the water go away! They frighten us! We don't want them there!"

I gently refuse. I go back to the water. I join the people there. I am so happy in the water. I hope the people on the bridge will leave their cars some day and join us.

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