For some reason my most vivid dreams come during afternoon naps. So it's not entirely surprising that while skipping my Electricity & Magnetism course, especially since its the first week or two back in college living in the dorms, I'd have another dream, laden with ground for analysis. To preface this one, I should mention that I'm a college student (if the whole living in the dorms thing hadn't made that obvious). Also, I'm gay, which at different times in my life plays a more or less important role. Lately, its seemed to be more important, especially since I don't feel entirely comfortable being out among certain groups of people, and since its really fucking hard to meet anyone with whom to have any kind of significant relationship at this particular institution of higher learning.

So there's this guy, named Joe in this forum, who went to my high school, who is now attending an ivy league school. Rumors have it now that he's on our (yay for random assumptions about your readers) side of the rainbow, so to speak. I've only really met Joe once, but I always thought well of him, and he was pretty cute. Which doesn't explain at all why I'm thinking of him in this dream, but I am. I'm at Harvard (a different school, weirdly, than he actually attends), and for some reason Joe is graduating from college and I'm there, but the whole scene much more resembles a high-school gym than anything else. I really need to use the bathroom, so I'm off in the bowels of Harvard University looking for a place to take a piss, which is harder than it seems, and all of a sudden Harvard has turned into a high school, which has turned into a middle school, and on down the chain like one of those Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stories about people getting smaller and smaller, the walls also coming in smaller and smaller, until I'm in a nursery, and escape through a door in the rear wall.

This next part will be familiar to those of you who've played those 3d video games, like Mario 3D the successors of platform games. I'm on a path of stones over a pit of fire, the tail of the path keeps on shifting back and forth and curling in on itself, if that makes any sense. As I walk down the path, it gets narrower and narrower until finally I come to a point where it stops, but just short of the green meadow which stands on the other side of the fire. At this point I become sickly cognizant that I am standing over Hell, and not only that but that something I have done, or something I am is condemning me to not be able to reach Heaven which lies just outside my grasp. Heat from the flames rising around me, I make the rather gutsy (if I do say so myself) decision to just jump and put my faith in God (religion is also fairly important to me, and yes, this part does sound corny). Though I can feel the flames licking up around me, when the dream cuts out in the way that only dreams can it seems as if I have jumped just far enough to make it past.

So now, for some entirely unknown reason, I'm walking down a thin pathway cut into the side of a cliff in a green meadowy place, when I come across the office of the secretary of the president of Harvard University (not that Harvard is all that important, I think). Somehow simultaneously with this, I'm at my house and receive a cell phone call from this cute guy who I'd (in real life) met the other month at some event or other, who I never really followed up with. I'm looking for privacy from my family to talk with him, and at the same time I'm in this office which is cut into the side of the cliff and is more like a home, talking on my cell phone. Suddenly, these evil bigoted guys start climbing up the side of the cliff, wielding fireplace pokers and yelling things, and at the same time I get in a fight with this guy I'm talking to on the cell phone. But now, while we still are communicating via cell phone, he's standing on the path outside the place where I am, and he's about to get hit by these guys. I yell out to him, not over the cell phone, and we both start fighting back: seemingly successfully, but then I notice that in the process of pushing the attackers off the cliff, he seems to have fallen off the cliff. I go back inside to the office, where the assistant to the President of Harvard is making me feel welcome, and I feel safe.

All of a sudden two women walk in, dark-skinned with long fake fingernails and the campiest makeup ever, so naturally I assume that they are drag queens. But it's simply not true, and they start being assholes in general towards me also, until the secretary and I get them to leave, and then with a knowing glance at each other, the curtain falls, and my roommate in real life walks into the room back from his classes.

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