Lying in silence, I feel wonderfully serene for the first time in a while.

Close by is a beautiful snake, large and striking, but I know that the snake, for all its beauty, is deadly.

The snake moves closer to me, rubbing its beautiful but rough skin against me. I begin to get nervous, I haven't forgotten the danger.

I find a rat in my hand, and attempt to throw it, luring the snake away, because I think that is what it wants. Instead, the snake lunges and sinks its fangs deep into my thumb. I struggle, trying to wrestle the snake's fangs out of my hand. I pull the snake away enough to see the fangs. They are unreal, thick and long, with a texture like bone. I lose my grip, and the snake's fangs sink deep into my hand again.

I feel helpless, with chaotic resignation. I know I'm dying.

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