It was really strange. I was in back in Sixth Form College and we were in Communications class. Jodie had opened her text book and found 2 Es and a wrap of speed in it. We were all talking about whether they were real, and if they were, if we should take them. While we talking, Jodie went to the bathroom and I went after her. She'd slipped out through the bathroom window, and down a steep hill.

I followed her down the hill and there was a building at the bottom with an open swinging window. I went through the window and I came out in Newport-on-Tay, Scotland where I grew up. Jodie was sitting on a grassy hill near the road bridge, crying.

Apparently, she'd been stuck here for years and when she got hungry, she took the Es. Only they lasted for years and there weren't any raves. Jodie said she took the speed to make things go quicker, and then I turned up.

We could hear dogs barking and people shouting so we decided it was time to go back to college and went back through the window I'd just come out of.


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