In the dream I am there all in white; maybe there is someone else with me but I don't know for sure at first. I am a specialist in this center. I do not know if I am a scientist or a doctor but I am good at what I do and I am good at helping people help themselves.

The hallways are bright and white and very, very long. It is easy to get lost in this place and most people do. At first I think it is a hospital but then again it does not smell like a hospital so it must not be. It smells like apples and when I breathe in deeply I am comforted like a child and it makes me want to melt right in to the walls.

On the left side of the corridor there are lots of rooms with people inside; some are healthy and some are very, very sick but all of them smile at me when I pass by and I try to nod and wave back at each one. I become very aware of someone walking behind me or along the side of me and that person is very disdaining of my courtesy.

You are going to get their hope up, the body says, and I have to wonder why that is a bad thing. I haven't figured out just what it is that I'm doing here yet but I begin to see colors breath up through all of the white in my coat and in the hallway.

At the end of the hallway the rooms stop and it opens into a big room, maybe like a food court at a mall and there is a Ferris wheel. All the people have come out of their rooms and are being assisted into the carts on the wheel and one old woman takes my hand and asks me to sit with her. I do and we spin and spin and there is a lot of music; not carnival music per say but something similar.

This is the part where I always wake up and I never get to finish the dream. I want to know what I am doing there, what it is all supposed to mean.

When I get out of bed I always have the most peculiar craving for cinnamon toast.

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