Last night I experienced another of the recurring dreams which leave me so satisfied come my alarm clock. In these dreams I always live a close-to-normal life, with the exception that I can fly. They always are fairly episodic, that is, one follows the other to some extent. Once I even mixed it with my other recurring dream, but that's another story. In case the aspiring aviators out there would like to know, this kind of flying wasn't a physical strain as much as a mental one. I could usually fly one of two ways: hovering close to the ground, or climbing and maintaining a substantial altitude. The former was generally easy to initialize and sustain; this felt just like leaning over but instead of falling off of my feet I would fall away from gravity. Since I generally try to hide this talent, it's a bother when a stranger approaches and I must force gravity to work again. More difficult is the second mode of flight, and yet it was the first I had ever experienced. While attempting this method, I would feel as if I were being towed by some aircraft, in that I climbed slowly and my steering always lagged a fair amount.

During this particular installment, I remember first entering our AP Biology lab at the school I attend. Our teacher then began to dissect the shark (an event that actually happened today), and gave a small group of students a sample to study in some sort of DNA analizing machine. As a joke, I placed one finger into the machine, which was recieved with a klaxon warning alarm. I glanced at the screen, which started flashing this: WARNING!! ALIEN DNA!! in red letters. Not a second later, the school's intercom clicked on and called me to the old computer lab, now nothing more than a CPU graveyard. Once I entered the door, I found that the outside window was decieving, as the incide was really a technical office, which was now occupied by several young men of varying ages. I recognized two of them as former students that had graduated, and one as a senior from this year. Also with them was my counsellor, Mr. Bruce. Before I could ask why I was called here, Mr. Bruce answered my question. He informed me that every year, one student in the Junior class would be revealed as a "Potent One", who would have special powers. The other people present represented the culmination of 13 years of such happenings. The only two powers that we all seemed to share were those of clairsentience (that is, the ability to read surface thoughts) and telepathy. I was quick to learn to use these powers, as the rest of the meeting was conducted primarily in these forms of communication. There was quite a stir as they learned that my ability to fly was attained in the 8th grade, which was the first such occurance of an "activation" before the Junior year. With a bit of testing, we confirmed my other powers to be those of clairvoyance and clairaudiance (the abilities to remotely see and hear places). The meeting ended with casual conversation about the applications the others have used their powers, no heroics to date save for a few isolated incidents. Mainly, it seems, they were used for personal investigations and public works (a good few had become lawyers). As the gathering adjourned, I was sent to my second-period class (an oddity since AP Biology is scheduled for 8th period), where the gym locker rooms were replaced with a co-ed shower room. As I tentatively changed, many males and female classmates disroabed, some to shower and some to change, as blatantly as if they were tying their shoes. After school, I tarried with the senior "gifted" student as he waited for his bus. As soon as he had gone, I discovered that the government had given me my own portable garage in the parking lot, which occupied an area previously reserved for teacher parking. I found the code for the lock easy to decipher (via clairvoyance), but by the time I opened the door and was ready to drive off, I was trapped by the sudden conversion of the parking lot into an outdoor fine-dining resturant. Wary of flying home in broad daylight, I stayed and "chatted" with one of the unfamilar members of our little group, mainly about how his conversion had affected his life. It was at this point in the dream that my alarm clock started buzzing, but I remember a tidbit more I dreamt while waiting for the snooze time to end. This sliver at the end consisted mainly of me revealing my talent to a shocked freshman (whom I currently have a crush on), by telepathically telling her that she looked good this morning.

Well, nothing like that actually happened today (except for me complimenting the freshman, albeit vocally), but perhaps my dream was portent of another day. Heres to hopin!

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