I haven't written any dreamlogs before, but I had a couple of really, um, interesting dreams last night. I don't remember my dreams very often, but when I do they're usually doozies. So I'll start keeping track of them here on E2, and perhaps I'll be able to remember more of them, better.

Without further ado, katycat's dreamlogs, inaugural issue:

I dreamed that I found this ring. Later, I saw a classified ad for it, directing me to call a 'Mr. Frodo' with information.

This dreamed happened early on, so that's all I remember of it. I have a feeling that it was bit longer, and very much fun.

Right before my alarm clock went off, I had a rather freakier dream. I dreamed that my boyfriend's sister used to live in my apartment, had since died, and was now haunting the place. I was supposed to help her and her brother go through her stuff within the next week or so (although one of my current roommates had already moved into her room, so I have no idea where we'd been storing said stuff.) There was a table set up somewhere, with a bunch of little things on it, which I gathered that she wanted buried with her. Apparently in the universe of my dream people tended to gather a bunch of stuff together that they wanted to take with them, and they'd do this long before they expected to die. I thought to myself that gee, hers was a lot smaller than my own pile. I guess the idea was sort of like a personal time capsule. Anyway, I think I was also supposed to help her move on to the next world, like your usual ghost story protagonist. She seemed indifferent though, like she didn't want to do it, or like she just didn't want my help. She was a pretty friendly ghost, not mean or bitter or scary, and tended to just waft around and chatter at us. For some reason, she appeared more solid to me than to anyone else, or maybe I just thought she did. I remember that she was a little upset that she couldn't watch television anymore; when I suggested that she use her ectoplasm to tune directly into the EM waves, she gave me a weird look but agreed to try it.

Then my alarm clock went off. I pressed snooze, and I wanted to know what else would happen, but I started a different dream. My sister and I were driving to some colonial-era remodeled plantation, or something similar to that, like Mount Vernon or Williamsburg, maybe. I expected it to take us a long time to get there, but it only took two hours. She dropped me off at a remodeled plantation house by the side of the road, and went on to a different building out of my sight, where she apparently had business. I sat down on the stoop and started reading a book, and I also read the historical signpost about the house by the side of the road. Anyway, I was reading for a good long while. Eventually my boyfriend drove past and asked where my sister was; I pointed him along. I was about to follow on foot, but then I sat down and read a little more. After a while I trod over to the building where my sister had gone, and told her that when she came back for me, I might be sitting in a slightly more comfortable spot. Then I went back to the same front stoop and read a little more. Soon a car drove by, saw the house, stopped, and two oldish ladies got out and went into the house to see the sights. A little while after that a bunch of college kids, one of which I recognized as a guy who's in my major at UMCP, stopped and also went into the house to look around. They must have met up with the old ladies inside, because eventually the whole party trooped around the side up the house, up the stair by me, and started to go in the front door again. As all of them were almost in the building, the sun went out and it got dead dark. I hit the indiglo button on my watch for the three seconds it takes to make it stay on, and it was only 7 pm - much too early for it to be this dark, especially considering the suddenness with which the darkness had come. So I was a little bit worried. It stayed dark for awhile, just to make me sweat a little more, and then the sun came back to normal. Then my alarm clock went off for the second time, and I decided I should probably get up now.

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