This dream sequence takes place in Chicago, my home town to which I haven't been in a quarter century.

It's long and seems to begin when a nun, Sister Jacque, my eigth grade teacher or a nun resembling her, asks me where the Clark theater is. I respond "Dearborn and Jackson or Van Buren " (but awake I think should be maybe Clark and Van Buren) and then comment that it's sort of a seedy venue. I seem (now that I'm awake) to remember maybe having seen "Cherry, Harry, and Raquel", "Vixen", "I am curious (Yellow)" and the like there.

It seems the nun has some stuff in storage and we go to her storage space. Going thru her stuff some embarassing items are seen and somehow there's a queue and of course there's a crowded/cramped ambience apppropriate to a storage warehouse.

Back in the neighborhood of the theatre I buy a piece of cake or pie whose exact size is a matter of dispute with the vendor who I think calls me a cheapskate and the price of one square piece whose exact size wasn't predetermined was 2 or 3 dollars. Vendor and I part with sharp words and I amble up the stairs of the theatre.

On the streets I'm driving a nice rental car and run into my cousin, the one who shot and killed his twin in '78 on Michigan avenue (that's where I run into him, he's in a parked car). He has a puppy which I somehow get from him. The puppy is at first silent and also is somehow part puppy and part small boombox with the radio and cassette mechanism in it's belly.

I drive off wondering if I am going to keep the puppy or return it to my cousin and how I will take care of it. The puppy cum boombox morphs at some point into a small boy. At first silent, the boy turns out to be a hardened hustler, like the little girl in Tales of the City who says "It's a dirndl". Puppies are attractive to me but I have little or no interest in children (or anyone else for that matter) that way, and so the remainder of the dream focused on the rental car IIRC.

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