I had a beautiful dream the other night. I thought I would share it with you. There are some intimate details about me in it, so beware. Just in case you have heart problems or something. I don't want to be responsible.

There was this burly older man who works for the truck that brings meat out to the camp. We serve the kids meals three times a day. Helps keep their strength up for fantasizing about me later.

In my dream, the burly older man came into my cabin late in the night. The girls in my cabin were all fast asleep. The burly older man had a paper for me to sign. It was for the delivery of some meat. I asked him where the delivery was. He said he would make it as soon as I signed the paper.

Then, the whole scene completely changed. I was a bridesmaid in some ugly chick's wedding. I didn't recognize her so I didn't know why I was her bridesmaid. I took off my veil and I stormed out of the church. I didn't belong in there.

Then the last scene in the dream had this big demon dog creature in a cave. I was wearing nothing but a pair of g-string panties and my breasts were right out there where this creature could swat at them. I didn't know what to do, so I told him not to touch me and then this Indiana Jones type guy came up behind me, grabbed my arm and took me back to his hotel to make love to me three times in one evening.

That was about it. I wish I could remember more.

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