Another dream today, I slept all day because I had 24 hour duty.

I was on a mission in some country against an organized army. Except we had women with us, fighting along side of us. The best soldier in the platoon, this one female was beautiful. We are flying into a clearing by Blackhawk for hostile insertion. We hit the dirt and start recieving fire from the woodline. All kinds of shit, rockets and small arms. We start advancing, I'm calmly dispersing suppresive fire. We push this unknown enemy back and they disappear, and we can see a heavy 2-lane road about 50 meters into the woodline. I turn around to look behind me, and that beautiful soldier's lost her helmet, and her head is on fire. All her hair had melted, and her scalp was a charred mess. She was just walking like a zombie, no weapon, no feeling. I tackled her, trying to put the flame out.

At this point everyone must have either split or died, because there was only 3 of us left. I suggested we ambush passing troop carriers. We could see trucks loaded with troops passing up and down the road. We tried taking potshots at them, but the wind would take our rounds too far off course. I knew we would die there, but I didn't much care, it was up to the group.

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