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What felt like eight hours of stacking tin cans.

I get "theme dreams", where over a period of months I'll dream in HTML (always a joy) or something. Lately the theme is "I'm lost in a University building with countless staircases and hidden doors; somehow there's always a church, too. After having failed at playing an old violin that had been rather stupidly endowed with guitar strings, I ran up one staircase, ran up another and another (starting to feel like david bowie in labyrinth) and came to the church. I was having trouble singing hymns because my mouth kept bleeding; eventually, after having to get into an extremely uncomfortable position in front of a mirror I found a huge hole in one of my back teeth on the left side. I could see right inside my tooth, and the cavity was so great that it had virtually hollowed out the whole thing. Just as I was about to tell somebody about it, I could feel the ousted tooth rolling about on my tongue. It had been reduced to just a shell of enamel; I remember wondering whether I should get a fake tooth or start going full throttle into a hillbilly look.

There was a word to describe physical, mundane, real objects which had come into contact with transcendant, angelic beings - I read this word, and bells went off.

It went something along the lines of "asthyanax".

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