My boy and I watched Go together last night. We also skimmed the Mind, Body and Health section in Borders and read some of these really occult titles of books. One of them was Everyone can be a psychic. We had a lot of fun making fun of the titles. Sleeping in long this morning, this all jumbled together into a dream...

The two fragments of the dream that I remember are connected by the characters present: me and various characters derived mainly from Go.

I was in my parents' former flat again. Though the layout was a bit of a mixture of our old flat and that of C's family. The furniture and the interior design were different too. In many ways the atmosphere was that of a film set.

I was looking for my friend (who turned out to be a mixture of my best friend E and Ronna from Go). I systematically checked all the rooms of the flat. There were people around. Burke was there, organizing people. And there were these three guys, two of them were very much a mixture of Adam and Zack with Simon's friends: kind of good looking but also not too well mannered. The third was better mannered and also the best looking of the three.

The day before those three had really offended and hurt my friend, but now apparently the nicest one of them had decided he'd fallen in love with her. So I was on my mission of finding her and telling her the "good news".

I checked everywhere, but just couldn't find her. Eventually I asked Burke if he'd seen her or knew where she was. "In the room next to the living room", was his answer. I'd already searched there. "Look in the corner", was his reply to this. Off I went.

Entering the room, it was sunlit and quite orderly, a large wardrobe-front was set up along the length of the room, taking up about a third of the width of the room. I couldn't see her, but remembering Burke's advice I went along the wardrobe, towards the balcony doors, and there she was, sitting on the floor leaning on the side of the wardrobe.

I went to sit with her and was just about to tell her, when the door opened and the trio entered, followed by Burke and some other people. The trio's sole purpose for visiting was telling my friend about their love for her, at which she laughed and gently but firmly refused their advances. Burke and the others were there for different reasons.

Apparently my friend had very strong psychic powers and they wanted to hook her up to an observatory system so they could record everything that was said to her by whatever spirits contacted her. While they were putting wires on her, someone smeared some kind of ointment on my left arm, because: "Everyone can be psychic, this is just to enhance your abilities. Who knows, we might receive some vital information through you."

I must have reacted pretty doubtful to that "happy announcement" and it must have shown. My friend then cheerily informed me that she was not just hearing spirits, but also other voices and was therefore officially "mad" and not just like any other medium.

There must have been something after that, connecting to the other fragment, but I can't remember.

Outside, in the mountains. Snow. And a very fast going T-bar ski lift. All and some more of the former are present, except for my friend. For some weird reasons we had to go snow skiing. We lined up for the T-bar lift. I had to be in front. I was a bit clumsy, because my skis were longer than usual, because they were ski-touring skis. (That's dream nonsense - my ski-touring skis are a lot shorter than my downhill skis.)

Eventually I make it to the front of the queue. Burke asks me if he can be next to me on the T-bar. Of course. But he'll join me later, while I'm already underway. (This is possible to do when the lift is going downhill, not too fast and both are good skiers. Most of these preconditions were fulfilled - except the "not too fast part".)

We were all more or less ready when the lift started at full throttle. I caught my bar and hung on for dear life. It was damn fast. And a lot of the time I didn't touch the ground either. A flying T-bar ski lift! Yay! "Poor" Burke was trying to catch up with me while I flew through a very varying landscape of snow and rock, green meadows and blue lakes, wide plateaus and narrow valleys, open ground and wooded alleys. I couldn't help but wonder how the lift string never got caught in the tree branches. Eventually an overhead power line crossed the ski lift line perpendicularly.

As was to be expected I got caught in it. The lift was so strong it pulled me up into the different lines. Finally Burke could catch up with me as I could resist the pull by tangling myself in the wires. He clambered up into the wiring and came to sit on my right hand side, explaining that: "There is no danger with these power lines when there are only two people sitting in them. It needs a lot more people to trigger an electric shock." I was still doubtful about this explanation, but so far it seemed to hold true. On the count of three we jumped off the wiring and continued our mad flight-journey.

Eventually we landed in a huge cinema complex. We dismounted our mad T-bar transportation unit, took off our skis and entered. The building was enormous and a bit of a mixture between a multi cinema complex and an opera house. The projection screens were huge and so was the auditorium of the one hall we peeked into through large windows. There were also guarded cloakrooms and very fancily clad movie goers.

We asked one of the cloak ladies for the toilets and were given the answer: "They're downstairs. But this information is not for free. I'm sorry, but we even charge our customers." Oh, I remember, sometime during our mad journey we must have crossed the French border as I now had to pay in French francs. (We'd probably also crossed the timeline border as obviously we hadn't heard of EUROS yet.)

We proceeded downstairs to find an enormous banquet hall filled with large tables and a few servant and plants. I suddenly really really wanted to buy a Snickers or a Mars bar or some Twix. But the "local" KIOSK had run out of them. We were kindly informed that we should try upstairs as they received their wares from a different street than they did. (Such large a building this was, that it had different delivery streets. Wow!)

We gave up on the notion of any sweet candy bar and turned to leave when finally the rest of our group arrived and brought with them some Snickers and Mars bars and Twix they'd bought upstairs.

I don't remember anything after that. I guess I woke up then and felt really hungry ;)

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