I was near the beach with a good friend of mine. I was wet, I hardly remember now some swimming in the beach in the dream. We were walking arm in arm, me trying to be courteous or courting, she politely declining my advances as she should. Some ex-workmate of us was sitting a dash ahead of us, and she was somewhat concerned she would see us in such an intimate mood. But we passed in front of her and waved anyway, strolling into a park

It was dark, and we could hardly see. Then some crawly stuff went into my arm, stinging me and being generally unpleasant. Some of it got her, too.

Calmly, we went into the Red Cross station in every beach, waiting patiently for our turn to complain and be healed. We got some shots of something (I'm normally terrified of those, so I didn't pay much attention, although thankfully it was totally painless) and then left, with some concern, because I couldn't remember if I was carrying a bag or what. She then babbled something about soccer.

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