I know the scorpions are here. I know they're large. There are ten of them. I wonder what that means. They chase my mother and my cat and I all around and I figure out that spray starch will stop them. The kind of starch they made us use on our uniforms at DLI that all the other services laughed at us for.

It works, I get one and as soon as I spray him he is covered in a thick white sticky substance...symbolic of semen, perhaps? Scorpio does rule the genitals. Ten Scorpios? Once I have him trapped I spray bug spray between his mandibles.pr My cat, who is well-meaning but not usually attentive enough to be considered intelligent, begins to help me find the scorpions, which I do. Their extermination goes along fairly well.

At the end there is a tear, somewhere, and all I can remember is a diagram, like someone linking stars together. The number 5 is everywhere. I see it, whoever says you can't see numbers or words in your dreams is wrong, I see the 5's.

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