In the dream I am at some kind of outdoor concert. A lot of people are gathered, sitting on the grass or on blankets and gathered around a stage. Frank Zappa is behind the podium with a bunch of note cards and he is just staring. I go up to him and ask him when "the show" is going to start and he tells me, "I can't start anything, I'm just a factory worker."

Then I notice The Nightingale, another woman I dearly love, sitting with a man on the grass and they are very close, touching and kissing and so forth. A little man comes up to me with a big case and opens it. Inside are a whole bunch of butterfly knives that open to display a variety of three blades, all of which look like they could be used to torture or cruelly wound a person. When the knives are opened, the blades go in north, east and west directions with the handle held south. I buy two of them and flip them open and walk through the crowd with them, apparently intending to kill the man The Nightingale is with. When I get closer I see the man is actually me and I try to find a mirror to see who I am but I cannot find one.

Then I am sitting at a picnic table with The Muse, a woman in light blue hospital scrubs and Frank Zappa, who is going on about how he can't read the index cards they want him to read because he is a factory worker with stage fright. The woman in the scrubs asks me what I do for work. I tell her I work with troubled teen girls. She then turns and asks me how I feel about eleven year old girls getting abortions. The Muse gets up and runs away. The woman in the scrubs tells me my butterfly knives would help a lot of eleven year old girls who desperately need abortions immediately. I get up and follow The Muse.

The Muse runs into a shallow pond of water just as it begins to snow. I see my old Camaro that I got rid of twelve years ago parked next to the pond. I get in it and drive it across the water and tell The Muse to get in, but she insists she can walk on water and takes off her shoes and wades in deeper. She sinks into the water and the snow gets heavier, but then I see her in the passenger seat of the Camaro and drive off. We stop back at "the show" where Frank Zappa is carrying large bags marked "medical waste" to a large dumpster. He leaves them next to the dumpster and fumbles with his index cards some more. Bloody fetuses start crawling out of the medical waste bags towards me and they all have familiar faces. I am still holding the butterfly knives, so Frank Zappa tells me I have to "finish the job" because, as he keeps telling me, he is just a factory worker.

I wake up in a sweat and haven't been able to get back to sleep since.

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