General Information

The Drazi are a near generic race of warlike, oafish aliens who have an important, but usually terciary role in the television program Babylon 5. They can be described as Humanoids with gray scales over their bodies, with a larger scale/plate over their foreheads. The Drazi are quick to join mobs and speak passionately about one position or another. Their history is one of traditional war and conflict to the point where martial function and architectural and fashionable aesthetic sense are the same thing. But I would point out that they aren't stupid. They have designed and built a fleet of ships with hyperspace capabities. They are well able to take and give orders and have well developed tactical sense. They're just undiplomatic and often an annoyance for others in peace time. As part of the League of non-aligned Worlds they are a vocal and influential member. Often held as speakers for the league's decisions.

Drazi Government and Politics

Drazi government is not unlike Mongol style tanistry. Every five years the Drazi randomly choose sides in a massive brawl. After a year of fighting, usually hand to hand, the dominant side is given control of the government.

The Drazi choose sides by picking Green and Purple sashes out of a bucket or other container, going to either sides of the room, habitat, villiage, council chamber, etc, and become a fighting force. Then they go about brawling for a year.

In the context of Babylon 5, Cmdr. Ivanova is ordered to deal with the disturbances that are taking place all over the station, on a broken foot. (It should be noted that Claudia Christian, the actress who played Ivanova, did indeed have a broken foot and it was worked into the story. In JMS's words, "she's a trooper.") Her early attempts at negotiation were unsuccessful, as the Drazi are a race that "speak only in macros." She eventually took care of the problem by taking the sash from the lead Drazi on both sides and declaring the war over. The reason a non-Drazi could do this was due, in the words of the Drazi themselves, to things "held up in committee." Ah Bureaucracy.

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