An "alternative rock" band of sorts, no longer together. They formed in 1983 in Wayne, New Jersey, and disbanded in 1994. It's hard to label the band- they are said to have influences from both glam and punk rock. They had a number of good songs, but never actually broke through into major popularity. Dramarama's biggest close-to-being-a-hit song was "Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)," and while it never hit number one, the song was the most requested song in L.A.'s KROQ-FM history. They have a "Best Of" album out now called "18 Big Ones." I enjoy it. Singer/songwriter for the band, John Easdale, has since gone solo.

Albums include:

"Box Office Bomb"
"Hi-Fi Sci-Fi"
"Stuck in Wonderama Land"
"Cinema Verite"

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