The Domination of the Draka is a fictional nation and people in
a series of novels by Canadian author S. M. Stirling. The books
are set in an alternate history where Britain invaded and occupied
South Africa earlier than it did in our timeline, meaning that after
the American Revolution, the Loyalists went to the cape, instead
of to Canada. This meant that Canada was weaker in the war of 1812,
and was consequently conquered by its southern neighbour, but also that
after th American Civil War, disgruntled Southerners fled to
Drakesland (named for Francis Drake), and a slave-based economy
thrived. (In the Draka world, the term is serf.) The Draka are not
nice people. In succession, they beat the Nazis in World War II
(described in Marching Through Georgia) and come to occupy Asia and
Europe (described in Under The Yoke). Finally, in the later part of
the twentieth century, the two opposing powers duke it out with
nuclear and space-based weaponry, and the USA loses (The Stone
). Luckily for the sake of a relatively happy ending, some good
guys escape to Alpha Centauri, and another book (Drakon) relates
what happens when people from their timeline start to seep into ours.
(Well, not quite ours. Kenneth Branagh wasn't actually cast as the
young Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace, but how was Stirling to know?)

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