Novel by Barbara Hambly in which rural laird Jon Aversin, the only surviving Dragon slayer in the kingdom is called on to deal with a troublesome dragon.

Jon is no romantic hero. He's a farmer, who'd rather not abandon his responsibilities to the people who rely on him to go off on heroic quests. He is prosaic about the mechanics of killing a dragon, and he is not what the romantic young Gareth who has come to bring him the king is expecting at all. Nor is his wife, witch Jenny Waynest. But then, the problem isn't what it first appears either.....

This is a stand-alone fantasy novel, full of warmth, humanity and humour, the characterisation is brilliant and the twists in the plot are fascinating. Thoroughly recommended.

Actually Dragonsbane isn't a stand-alone novel. Barbara Hambly has released two other novels in the series, Dragonshadow and The Demonknight, with a fourth and presumably last book on the way. The sequelae are good, although the second one made me want to throw it across the room due to it just sort of . . . ending. My suspicion is that the fourth book was split from the third because together they were longer than the publisher wished.

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