An adventure game released in 2001, released first for Dreamcast and later for PC. Developed by Ubi Soft.

As the name suggests, the game is set in the world of Pern, the world the famed books by Anne McCaffrey.

The player assumes the role of D'Kor, a dragon rider who has the mission to find a new Weyrwoman for the weyr. There are many candidates, but finding them all is, of course, not easy.

The game has numerous little puzzles and sub-quests. Fortunately, D'Kor also keeps the journal updated so remembering all details is easy.

The graphical detail of the game is very good. Indeed, when I first played the game it definitely felt like the real Pern of my own imagination. The game's voice acting is, on average, pretty good too. The only small minus would go to the UI - on PC version, adding support for mouse might have helped a bit, now it can only be played with keyboard (which isn't bad, though).

Overall, not a bad game for Pern book and dragon fans.

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