Created by White Wolf Game Studios, Dragon-Blooded is a supplemental guide aimed towards allowing players to play a member of one of the elite families of supernatural beings who rule the Realm of Exalted. The game was developed by Geoffrey C. Grabowski.

Dragon-Blooded focuses solely on the elite usurpers of the kingdom and the social games they play. The Scarlet Empress the former ruler of the Realm was a Dragon Blooded but disappeared just before the game begins. The houses of the Dragon Blooded are all warring with each other, socially and otherwise, in an attempt to fill the power vacuum. A large portion of this book is devoted to the types of social wars these creatures engage in and how they gained their power.

The Dragon-Blooded used to be the weakest of all the supernatural creatures in Exalted, however they were also the most numerous (since their power is passed down through blood rather than through Exaltation like the rest of the creatures of Exalted) and through a treacherous plot they overthrew the Solar Exalted (the most powerful) and pushed the Lunar Exalted into the Wyld by using the Sidreals and pushing them into a position where they betrayed their former rulers.

Dragon blooded come in 5 types, corresponding with the 5 elements. Air (known for being scholarly and aloof), Earth (known for being stable and conservative), Fire (known for being passionate and filled with zeal), Water (known for being highly adaptable and quick to change), and Wood (known for being concerned with sensuality and self gratification).

This book is 294 pages long and fully illustrated. You will require the Exalted main book, a book that focuses on the Solars, to play this as it is simply a supplemental book.

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