The time 8106 and the place was the fractured state of Great Britain. The populace are kept satisfied by "the game" a violent sport which is conceptually similar (at least in intent) to Roman Gladiatorial combat only people aren't supposed to die.

This is the backdrop for Dragons Claws, one of Marvel UK's attempts to create a separte identity for itself in the 1980's.

Dragons Claws were the greatest players of "the game" but their leader Dragon has retired from to start a farm with his wife. Then Deller arrives on the scene, intent on reforming the claws as a sort of peace keeping unit to quell the riotous behaviour of some former game teams.

In fact I don't actually recal what the rules of the game were and I think they were kept deliberatly vague. The complete roster of the Claws:

  • Dragon: team leader and strategist
  • Digit: genius with a half computerised brain
  • Mercy: former vigilante and token female
  • Steel: he's Japanese but he's tall! Wow! And he has a sword! Double wow!
  • Scavenger: he's feral looking!
Basically Dragons Claws was an attempt at high octane Sci Fi hokum that succeded to some extent. This was largly due to the distinctive art style of Geoff Senior. Given the correct amount of time and space Senior created some of the coolest art I've ever seen.

Unfortunatly when rushed his work was derivative and his anatomy highly dubious. Senior's writer was Simon Furman with whom Senior had created Deaths Head and had a succesful run on the UK weekly version of Transformers as well as Zoids and Action Force (the UK version of G.I. Joe).

Dragon's Claws ran for 10 episodes. When I was a youngster I thought it was really cool but you know what happens? You grow up.

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