A mobile suit from Metal Warriors.

The only suit that can fly, it has only one weapon, a standard gun that can be fired in one of eight directions. Its sheild is replaced with a power-dive attack.
The Drache is damaged easily, and must rely on speed, agility and unpredictability. Its power-dive is incredibly damaging if the target is pinned agains the ground, much less so in lift shafts. Don't be afraid to run away if the situation doesn't look good... With a reverse gravity powerup the drache behaves exactly the same, except that the power-dive goes upwards. This can be toggled to hit a suit in a lift shaft many times.
Drache is german for Dragon. Against Nitro
Power dive is not very useful; the nitro is fast and can avoid it, it can also fly and stay above you, rendering it useless. By all means go for it if the situation presents itself, just watch out for the nitro's sword. Try to stay above the nitro, and use your in-air manueverability to its fullest.
Against Havoc
The havock is slow, can't fly, and has little in the way of anti-aircraft abilities. It can use its slide to escape from a power-dive, but it's not a sure thing. It's easy enough to flit around it faster than the havock can track, and plink it into submission.
Against Prometheus
The prometheus is difficult to damage, and has weapons designed specifically to deal with the drache. Airbursts from its cannon are difficult to avoid, especially with bouncing ammunition, and a missed power dive leaves you open to its flamethrower. Never take on a prometheus in a liftshaft, as it can fill the shaft with deadly mines and still fire the cannon straight up. The key to defeating the prometheus is to out-manuever it.
Against Spider
Similar to the havoc, with a few things to watch out for. You can't power-dive a spider when it is on the celing, unless you have reverse-gravity. Crafty spider players will exploit this to its fullest, hiding in corridors with cloak on, so it's not obvious whether it is on the floor or the celing. Its web gun is lethal to the drache, as its defense is based on speed, and it is a sitting duck when pinned.

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