A character from Sluggy Freelance. He was eaten by Dr. Crabtree but a version of him from an alternate future, where K'Z'K rules the world. is still around. He attempted to perform experiments on Bun-Bun during his time at an Animal Testing Lab, and lost an eye in the process. He is an expert in inflatable technology, including the inflatable time machine.

Dr. Schlock is a rather enigmatic character - everything about his personality is evil, but his work always ends up benefiting the cause of good (not counting the animal testing he did in the beginning). Schlock is constantly scheming, trying to weasel out of situations, and doing whatever he thinks would benefit him (and only him) in the long term, but these effects tend to be cancelled out by the fact that he is such a coward. When faced with the choice of saving the world from a deadly virus or having to face a very angry Sam the vampire, he quite reluctantly saves the world.

Part of the reason he ends up on the side of good is that he seeks revenge on Dr. Crabtree, who manages to be many times more evil than Schlock, for eating the brains of his other self. Also, he vaguely realizes that if he doesn't change things for the better, he will eventually end up facing the same future he came from, which sucked enough the first time around.

And, of course, if all else fails, there is the mortal fear of Bun-Bun to keep him in check.

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