Tonight, hungry and impatient, waiting for the rice to steam and the dal to soften, i was struck by a flash of culinary . . . brilliance, perhaps? In any case, 'twas an inspiration, and an unusual one at that. I said to Joyquality, "I just had the most interesting idea!" and began to detail the concoction. As follows are approximate instructions for preparation.

Combine all ingredients and stir into a paste. You will likely need to add up to one part water to achieve the proper consistency. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Use as a dip for vegetables such as celery, carrots, cucumbers; use as a spread for bread or sandwiches.

Next, stop gagging thinking about it, and actually go to your kitchen and make this stuff. I did not have high hopes myself, and i was highly impressed by the sauce/dip beyond my wildest expectations (i.e. the product was not only not disgusting but also quite enjoyable). Dill and salt are both very important for the initial flavor, which would otherwise be boring and unnotable. The tofu is necessary for the right texture. And the hot sauce sneaks up on you, making you want to do nothing but eat more and more.

Happy scrambling!

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