Doug Llewelyn served as host of The People's Court during its original run from 1981 to 1993 (with the honorable Joseph A. Wapner presiding, the original and best TV judge), and would introduce and interview the litigants in the case.

And so went his famous tagline at the end of each episode: (differed slightly depending on Doug's mood, and/or the case(s) during the episode)

"And that about wraps it up for this session of The People's Court. I'm Doug Llewelyn thanking you for joining us, and reminding you... If you have a dispute with another party that you can't resolve, don't take the law into your own hands; you take 'em to court!"
(Cue the fast-paced "doodoodoot doot doot doodoodoot doot doot" theme music.)

Recounted from countless viewings of The People's Court during my childhood.

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