Double Wires is a simple flash game available at a number of popular game sites. Your character is a rag-doll with a Spiderman-like ability to shoot webs from the wrist. The aim of the game is to make your way across the slowly advancing screen, firing wires onto various features and swinging from one to the next.

It's hard to explain the almost hypnotic fascination this game evokes, particularly when you have something important to be doing. There's something sort of existential about the little balletic rag-doll, impelled through space, desperately trying to find the next feature and drag its way onwards. It may be a waste of time but it's also kind of fun.

You lose the game if you fall off the bottom of the screen or if the screen advances, leaving you behind.

Unfortunately, the landscape repeats itself after about 150 yards, diminishing the challenge for seasoned players. To any Flash gods out there I pray, program another version with variable speeds, randomised landscapes and moving platforms...

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