A quite mysterious music project conceived by Yann Tomita. Almost totally unknown outside of (and inside?) Japan, but gained some cult status in certain circles.

Doopees has so far only released two records. The album Doopee Time in 1995, and the EP Dooits! the following year. The inlay on "Doopee Time" promises a third album is in the works, but so far it has not seen the light of day. Knowing Mr.Tomita's slow release rate, this might not mean we have heard the last of Doopees.

Doopees' music is not easy to describe. Their repertoire contains both Tomita's original works and cover versions of songs by Phil Spector and similar composers. The music is cute and funny beyond all belief, and at times seems to be a full-on parody of J-pop. The songs aren't tied into any particular genre, and that coupled with the strange universe the listener is dragged in makes Doopees something quite special.

In addition to Mr.Tomita, who uses the alias Dr.Domestic and is in charge of sampling and some live instruments, Doopees features the singing talents of Suzi Kim. A mysterious "Caroline Novac" also appears extensively on the records, but she seems to be a completely fictious person, perhaps voiced by Suzi. Some people suggest Caroline is actually Yann himself, but I personally doubt it.
In addition, the Doopees releases feature a wide range of studio musicians and singers for the backgrounds.

Information from the Doopee Time inlay plus a few websites.

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