A villain/plot device published in Marvel Comics. The first Doombot appeared in Fantastic Four #5 in 1962.

Victor Von Doom, ruler of the nation of Latveria and known to most of the world as Doctor Doom, arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four created a type of highly advanced robot dubbed the Doombot. There are many different Doombots and all of them have the appearance of their creator. The Doombots are used by Doom to stand in for him in certain situations and are often times almost completely indistinguishable from the original Doom. Doombots have been created that are able to fool not only the most highly advanced scientific means of detection, but also that will pass detection from a telepath or through mystic means.

The Doombots are each designed to think of itself as Victor Von Doom. It can act out complex scenarios including planning, creating, and carrying out advanced plans. Each Doombot will act as if it is Doom, unless in the presence of the actual Doom or in the presence of other Doombots. Doom has been known to use the Doombots to carry out risky plans, stand-in for him in dangerous situations, and even be used as cannon fodder during a battle, to delay foes while Doom escapes.

Mainly, Doombots are used by writers at Marvel to explain away continuity busting storylines. If Doom is seemingly defeated by Franklin Richards and the Power Pack, the writer can explain the incident away with the inclusion that it wasn't really Doom, but a Doombot. Many ill-conceived storylines have been removed from Marvel canon by the introduction of a Doombot.

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