He lives a few blocks down from me. Has a things for cats. I met him recently, and I gave him a Kinder Surprise egg because I couldn't really think of anything better to do. I hope he didn't get a puzzle for the surprise. He deserves better than that. I gave him a piece of paper and he drew me a cat named Pooey.

If you're anxiously awaiting anything new by him, he's in the process of making a film adaptation of "Blindness," a novel that recently won the Pulitzer Prize.

Um...as for biographical stuff, he grew up in Toronto, becoming interested in theatre and film in high school. Apparently he was one of those crazy kids that could never quite pay attention. After high school, he went to the University of Toronto to study English and Theatre and other stuff that happened to get thrown at him, but never finished a degree. In fact, he was two credits short of his degree when he decided to abandon school and devote himself to professional theatre in Toronto. Silly man. After that, he started getting into film, and the rest is history.

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