Don John was a character is William Shakespeare's play "Much Ado About Nothing". John was the bastard brother of Don Pedro, the prince of Arragon. Don John fuctions as a bastard in both senses of the word, but is still a character you feel some pity for. His life has been overshadowed by his brother, and his relation to Don Pedro seems to be one of the only reasons many people in the play respect him. Not a man of many words (until he gets rolling), Don John is a self proclaimed plain-dealing villian. The character delights in causing mischief throughout the play, primarily concerning the wedding of Pedro's right hand man, Claudio, and the lovely Hero. Don John's mischief makes "Much Ado About Nothing" seem as much like a soap opera as classical literature. Aided by his minions, Conrade and Borachio, Don John proceeds to misdirect the characters in the play up until the end. Bearing no love for his brother, Don John will most likely appear in the long awaited sequel, "Much Ado About Nothing 2: Don John's Revenge".

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