Don Gorske - 'The Big Mac Guy'

Don Gorske, (Wisconsin, US), is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most Big Macs consumed by one person. The most recent figure I found indicates that he had consumed 20,000 Big Mac sandwiches. He only broke the record relatively recently, breaking the previous 18,250 milestone in 2003.

Apparently, he walked into a McDonald's restaurant in 1972, ordered nine Big Macs and was so impressed that he's hardly eaten anything else since. He eats at least two Big Macs per day, drinks coke but skips the french fries, (presumably for health reasons). On days that he can't make it to a McDonalds, he eats Big Macs from the backup supply on his freezer.

The Don Gorske story recently came to my attention when reading an interview with the creator of the film Super Size Me, a film about somebody who attempts to survive for a whole month on nothing but fare from the McDonald's menu. Don is one of several people interviewed in the film.

The strange thing is that Don has only foregone Big Macs for eight days in the last 32 years. Stranger still is that Don is 6 foot tall, weighs about 185 pounds and has normal cholesterol levels.


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