Don't Tell Me is a pop song by Madonna, off of her 2000 album Music. It reached the top five in the US and UK charts, along with a smattering of other European countries, and topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs. It sold 4.5 million copies, going gold in the US and platinum in Australia.

Don't Tell Me was originally written by Joe Henry, who named it Stop (YouTube), and recorded it on his album Scar. It was revamped for Madonna with the help of Mirwais Ahmadzaï. The lyrics remain the same, but the music is completely different.

If you don't remember Madonna's version, now would be a good time to head over to YouTube and give it a listen.

Don't Tell Me is perhaps the first time a Glitch piece made the top ten -- and the first time many of us had really listened to one. The first time I heard it, I did not think it was ever going to catch on. The second time I heard it, the DJ prefaced it by telling his listeners that, no, nothing was wrong with the CD, it was supposed to sound like that. By the fifth time, it was great! Now it's just a pleasant song, and it's hard to remember that it was ever groundbreaking.

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