A 1995 minimal house track by Winx (Josh Wink) on the Nervous label. Characterized by an incessant rhythmic laugh (eeha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) processed through resonant filters and a 303 bassline that didn't quite reach the squelching preportions of A Higher State of Consciousness. The various mixes ranged from 126 to 136 BPM.

In 1995, this track was unavoidable. I even heard it in a bowling alley. It was played in a strip club, which really didn't make much sense. I mean, it seems like an insult to play it while a woman is taking her clothes off. Of course, it was in heavy rotation in clubs.

The Sound Factory remix was done by Junior Vasquez and featured a multitude of Looney Tunes samples, ending in Elmer Fudd's "That's All, Folks!" At the time I thought it was pretty creative, but looking back, it seems rather cheesy. I prefer the original mix now.

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