The Dollies are Stanford University's poor approximation of cheerleaders. Actually they are not cheerleaders at all, but rather a five-member dance squad that is part of Stanford's marching band, but they do carry pom-poms, wear really short skirts, and jump around a lot. For each song the band plays, the Dollies perform a choreographed dance routine specific to that song.

The Dollies normally wear a red one-piece skirt and top with white trim, except during Big Game, when they traditionally dress up in skanky costumes, such as nurses, bad cops, secretaries etc. This year they were slutty versions of Wizard of Oz characters. New Dollies are chosen by the band each spring in a mysterious process involving secret rituals and sexual initiation rites. The Dollies have a reputation for being really unattractive, although there is usually one passable to hot Dolly out of any given team of five.

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