In Addition to the writeup of loothi, here are the rules for making a dogma film:

(shortened version from

  • Shooting on location
  • No extra sounds (only those on the location)
  • Only handcameras
  • Film must be in colour, no extra lighting
  • No optical effects or filters
  • No temporal and geographic alination
  • No genre movies
  • Film format: 35mm
  • No credits for the director

You may have observed, that most rules are no-rules. They forbid something. That is a parallel to the Ten Commandments (and they are also ten). Another resemblance is, that the rules are likely to be broken.
Here are some Dogma films:
  • Festen
  • Idioterne
  • Mifune
  • The King is Alive
  • Lovers
  • Julien Donkey-Boy
  • Fuckland
  • Interview
  • Diapason
  • Babylon
  • Vacant
  • Joyride
  • Camera

If you have made a film which fits into these rules, you can download a application form from their website and let it get a Dogma certificate.

Dogme95 is not a cop out for a film maker to make a cheap film. The Celebration had a budget over 1.3 million dollars, which is actually above the average of a Danish low budget film. Most low budget Danish films are around $750,000, and know this and I'm not Danish. Dogme95 was a reactionary statement made by film makers to help the film industry, and I feel it has. The story has been lost in Hollywood and in the Independent circuit. Most people go to the movies to tune out and not to think. The producers plague on this and produce cookie cutter type films where movie goers see the same film time and time again. Dogme95 places the film maker in an environment where they can't rely on the tricks and tools used by others. I would love to see Steven Spielberg do a film under the Vow of Chasity.

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