That's what the man on the phone at the ballpoint pen company told me. "We'll be right over to collect that."
I sighed and hung up the phone. I couldn't believe my good fortune... my refund check for 5 ballpoint pens had been misread by some computer somewhere along the line and had been credited as a refund check for 5,000 ballpoint pens instead. Yeah. $10,000. I should have just cashed the thing, I know, but who buys 5,000 pens at Staplez with cash? They would have found me out eventually... so I called them about it.
Still, I suffered on-hold music for half an hour.. they should give me SOME credit for that, right? Maybe they'd cut me a reward deal or something, I thought.

*knock-knock* I got out of my chair, still in pyjama pants, and opened the door. *ka-click* Somehow, I found myself staring down the black metal of a gun barrel. "Sir, if you could hand me that check, I'll be glad not to exceed your USDA-Approved Daily Value of Lead." Of course, I shakily held out the check in one hand. He snagged it, holstered the gun, and looked carefully at the check. "Oh my god.. it's REAL. Screw that place, I hate answering tech support call on ballpoint pens!!"... and he ran off.

To this day, I have never bought another ballpoint pen.

Another nodeshell rescued!

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