Dirk Diggler is a fictional character in the 1997 movie Boogie Nights. The movie tells the story of the emergence of the American pornography industry, partly through the eyes of a young man who finds great success in that field. Mark Wahlberg plays Eddie Adams, a busboy who is well known in certain circles for his endowment. When porno director Jack Horner hears about Eddie, he comes to see for himself. Impressed, Horner invites Eddie to make porn with him. Eddie takes on the stage name “Dirk Diggler.”

Dirk becomes immensely popular in a very short period of time. Soon, he finds himself making movies at an accelerated pace and even winning prestigious awards within the porno community. He creates his own character, private detective Brock Landers, and continues to enjoy mounting success. However, he also begins engaging in the dangerous, drug-filled lifestyle that was prevalent in those circles at that time. This eventually results in Dirk being fired and having to fend for himself for a while, during an especially nonsensical part of the movie. Ultimately, Dirk is accepted back into the fold and resumes making adult films, now on video instead of 8mm film.

Dirk is blessed with a 13 inch penis, which audiences of the movie will be able to see. However, Mark Wahlberg is on record as saying that this is not his real organ. A prosthetic was made for the scene. It seems to me that not very much effort actually went into the fabrication thereof. The false penis is not particularly girthsome, and the glans is hardly in evidence.

There are also a number of factors which strongly suggest that Dirk Diggler was based on real life porn star John Holmes. Common bonds include phallus size, the private detective characters they portrayed, and the declines of their respective careers.

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