Commonly - A particular brand of canned beef stew. Very salty, but reasonably tasty.
Less Commonly - A unit of volume used when planning a camping trip. Encourages clear thinking. Observe ...

Tom: Man, your bag is heavy. You sure you want to carry this thing around for a week? What do you have in there?

Me: Um, just the stuff on the list. Clothes, water, gorp.

Tom: *opens my bag and pulls out a large flashlight with fluorescent light and emergency blinker on the side*. Look at this! You are going to carry this around with you? This is easily three Dinty Moores.

Me: Three what?

Aside: Tom was our Nazi field guide/trip coordinator for an Outward Bound trek I did back as a sophomore in college. It was fun to go to Joshua Tree National Park and Red Rock Canyon, but it sure would have been a lot more fun without Tom.

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