A cartoon from the 80s starring evolved Dinosaurs from the planet Reptilon. It was rather cheesy, but has nostalgic value to me because I was addicted to it as a kid in fifth grade. Some of the characters are Allo, Demetro, Brontothunder, Teryx, Bonehead, and Tricero. They battled the Tyranos, which comprised of Genghis Rex, Plesio, Ancarlo, and Brachio, to name a few. It was produced by Coca-Cola Telecommunications (Huh? They produced TV shows? I thought they just made soda) and was on the air around 1987.

The premise was simple; the Dinosaucers were having problems with volcanic activity on their home planet, Reptilon, so they decided to fly to Earth for help. Earth and Reptilon are on exact opposite sides of the Sun, which is why Earthlings never detected Reptilon.

The Tyranos decided to follow the Dinosaucers to their new destination, and began reaking havoc. After all, it would be a lot easier for them to take over the Earth with its "puny mammals" than Reptilon, so it was a good starting point. The Dinosaucers are therefore forced to remain on Earth to protect it from the Tyranos' hijinks.

Along the way, the Dinosaucers meet four teenage humans who are given fancy vehicles, communicator rings, and are declared to be the "Secret Scouts". They assist the Dinosaucers in keeping tabs on the Tyranos, and have their share of fun, too.

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