Dino Dini is a Video Game Programmer and Designer, Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He created many successful titles from 1989 to 1993, mainly for the Atari ST and Amiga computer systems. His most well known games are Kick Off, Kick Off 2, Player Manager, GOAL! and Dino Dini's Soccer, all of which he designed and coded.

He started programming at the age of 13 or so, commencing with the Acorn System 1, and has written commercial quality games on many systems: Acorn Atom; BBC Micro; Atari 400/800; Atari ST; Commodore Amiga; Sega Megadrive; PC. He has also, since ceasing to develop games as an individual , worked on projects for Playstation, N64, Playstation 2 and XBOX.

He has won many awards for his games including the 1989 INDIN Award (Best 16 Bit Product for Kick Off), EMAP Golden Joystick Award (Game of the Year, for Kick Off, 1989), EMAP Golden Joystick Award (Game of the Year, for Kick Off 2, 1990) and the French 'Til Dor' magazine award 1990.

He continues working in the Video Game industry today, however in the last few years has also re-engaged in music and songwriting. He has a channel on YouTube on which he posts videos of his music. One song, “Spencer The Coder” is a humorous take on life as a programmer at the 3DO company.

His philosophy of life is to be bold and proactive in thought and creative expression, and this can result in conflicts with certain types on the Internet that he calls the "Keep Everybody Down" brigade, who often accuse him of having a big ego (he claims for often doing no more than defending unwarranted attacks). As such it is common for conflicts to arrise where he is vocal on forums, especially with people who hide behind a veil of anonymity, while he is quite clearly himself. This can we witnessed on Wikipedia for example where he appears to be chastised for existing at all. It has been rumoured that Dini himself has been nominated for deletion along with his Wikipedia entry, which he claims not to have created, although many seem to believe that it is impossible for anyone to say anything nice about him, unless that person is Dini.

Despite the successes that he has had, Dini failed to achieve major success as an independant developer after the death of the Amiga. He is often criticised as living in the past with his ideas of Gameplay being more important than Production Value. He maintains that this is not the case, however critics point out that he has not had a hit since 1993. Dini counters by asking how many can say, as individuals, that they had a hit at all, and especially after the Amiga died.

Dini recently accepted a position as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Game Programmning at NHTV University in Breda, Holland. One side effect of this might be more information becoming available soon on a man who remains something of an Enigma to some, and a complete ego maniac who thinks a lot of himself to others. Which is the truth remains to be seen, although Dini, who claims to have scrambled his Wikipedia account to stop himself engaging in argument with editors, believes that “Wikipedia can never be the bastion of ultimate truth, because there is no such thing as ultimate truth. To any individual the truth is merely what they believe, and I believe Wikipedia sucks!”. I guess that anyone who would criticize one of the worlds most successful websites like that, must indeed be a complete egomaniac. What will he say next? That he can write a better game than Pro Evolution Soccer? Oh he already did.

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