Often in this go-go life of two thousand and something technologies, computer programming, energy drinks, we forget the simple things in life.

Yes, when all the energy drinks and power bars and sexy little laptops have gone to bed for the night, we're left with diet peach snapple. This no calorie, no sugar beverage provides a crisp, crackly, almost-but-not-quite-peach-syrup taste, but with all the refreshing goodness of a nice glass of ice water.

For those of you watching your weight, diet peach snapple is there for you, with absolutely nothing to cause trouble in the precious equilibrium of the daily diet. In a serving of diet peach snapple (8 fluid ounces, 240mL), you will find: diet peach snapple is kosher and made from tea leaves, as well as water, citric acid, natural flavors, aspartame*, potassium citrate and malic acid.

I recommend the 32FL OZ bottle. It is large, portable, and almost never-ending, and, like always, "made from the best stuff on Earth.**"

If you have something more to say about diet peach snapple, please post it here, or send any questions or comments, along with the code from the cap or bottle to:

Snapple Beverage Corp.
709 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY 10604

Enjoy. I know I will.

*phenylketonurics: diet peach snapple contains phenylalanine.
**that line is absolutely copyright of the snapple beverage corp.

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