Diet Irn-Bru comes in similar packaging to the familiar Irn-Bru bottles and cans, albeit with more white and less orange, and 'Diet' in large handwritten script.

Unlike many 'diet' or 'lite' versions of soft-drinks, it's a pretty decent facsimile of its sugar-loaded namesake; only a slight lack of body gives away the fact that this is not The Real Thing. Otherwise, the familiar bubble-gummy, fruity flavour and rusty-orange colour are present and correct.

Another trait inherited from its big brother is the moderately high caffeine content; whilst it doesn't begin to compete with strong coffee (nor, I'd guess, Jolt Cola), it provides a pleasant, gentle buzz, which probably explains why I went through so much of it whilst studying for my finals.

Contrary to xlucid's writeup, Diet Irn-Bru contains a negligible 0.7 kcals (i.e. Calories) per 100ml (this has been the case for the past few years, at any rate). Unfortunately, accompanying your Diet Irn-Bru with that other Scottish delicacy, a Deep Fried Pizza supper, is likely to cancel out this benefit, and then some.

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