Central element to a joke that was blown way out of proportion, supposedly by members of the Dongtar faction at JHU.

The joke goes:

Person 1: Is that a dickfer on your shoulder?
Person 2: What's a dickfer?
Person 1 would then make some witty remark about the proper functioning of a penis usually along the lines of, "If your parents haven't told you, I'm not going to dirty your mind," or an offer to demonstrate said functioning on Person 2 (e.g. "Bend over and I'll show you!").

Despite being a silly, juvenile attempt to embarrass someone, the joke spread rampantly and soon the term "dickfer" was used as a generic pejorative term all around the campus, usually out of frustration.

Person A: That dickfer in the Mercedes just cut me off!
Person Y: I can't believe my teacher assigned homework this weekend. What a dickfer!
Jurph: That dickfer thinks he can percuss better than me. That's like Luke trying to one-up Yoda! Why, I've got his dunt dunt chih! doodoo dunt dunt chih!... right here!

The joke is probably related to the slightly better known:

Person 1: Is that a henweigh on your shoulder?
Person 2: What's a henweigh?
Person 1: Oh, about six pounds.
Important: Care should be taken not to inadvertently cross the punch lines of these two jokes.

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