Reply with a witty remark and voila! You're well on your way toward delivering crude humour to all those who are unfortunate (or fortunate?) enough to cross your path.

As you may have guessed already, the title sounds like "I'll fuck any one". This is just another one of those jokes or perhaps a prank, similar to dickfer, that aims to embarrass someone. And boy does it, especially if the person isn't dirty minded. They will likely continue repeating the phrase, evoking laughter all around them, until they finally realize what they have been saying all this time.

This joke, unlike the dickfer which relies on a verbal delivery, works best when you write down the words Alpha Kenny One, and ask someone to read it out loud. Those who are suspicious (and consequenly smart in this scenario) will read the phrase silently until they realize what it sounds like, and then proceed to shake their head at you and call you a dumbass. As for the rest who are more trusting of you, well, sit back and marvel at the work of art you have just created. This prank is very similar to asking someone to read out Alpha Q. Even better if you use the Greek letter for Alpha, just to lure them in more. 

Now mind you, these play on words may be hilarious for high school and college/university students, but not so much elsewhere. Try this on your boss and you will be well on your way of getting screwed.

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